It was cold and breezy, but the 2013 season is finally off and running for me.  Our March cold snap pretty much eliminated any thoughts of playing any earlier, but a bright (albeit cold) sunny morning was just what the doctor ordered.

Played at Hampshire Greens (review to follow); played with another single and got around in 3 hours which isn’t bad all things considered.

Definitely got a few strange looks from the starter and the guys in the pro shop (I wore shorts- not something I’d recommend on a 36 degree morning but I hate wearing long pants while playing) with the shorts (granted it may have been that they aren’t used to seeing anything that blindingly white- my legs) but nice enough.  Despite two snowmen and a craps (7) I easily broke 90 playing from the blues.  Note to self- go renew handicap.

Took a few holes to warm up but all in all can’t complain.  I was hoping to play on Friday but our weather people here (who can barely predict rain in a hurricane) called for all day rain (so of course it ended up being sunny and pleasant).   Greens had been recently punched which made putting even more of a comedy of errors than normal.