At the start of the week I had Europe tying 14-14 and retaining the trophy.  Think the Americans end tomorrow 3-3 1/2 points down, stage a rally on the Sunday singles but end up tying.

Still think this is the case.

Not that anyone cares but I correctly picked Europe to win two years ago at Medinah.

Pro Tip: if you’re already tiring of Johnny Miller and/or the long commercial breaks and have Sirius XM radio, I can’t recommend their coverage enough on PGA Tour Radio.  It’s a European Tour group but they’re not overly jingoistic.

Enjoy the Ryder Cup, but don’t get tricked into any drinking games involving terms like “dormie”, “playing for love of country/continent” and that crap.  Unless you enjoy being in a drunken coma for a week…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And not that anyone’s asking, but if I had a vote, my ballot for the next Ryder Cup captain would have the following three names:

1) Jack Nicklaus 2) Arnold Palmer 3) Phil Mickelson