Under clear skies and a stiffening breeze, my 2015 golf season got off with less of a bang and more of a whimper with the sound of golf balls hitting trees (with the trees still in winter hibernation, it says something that I was able to hit trees on five shots- I mean, that’s accuracy right?) at Northwest Park.

Ready for action.  Hide yo trees.

Ready for action. Hide yo trees.

While I’ve tried to commit to a new fitness regimen that doesn’t rely solely on Scotch (Glenlivet, Johnnie Walker Black Label and The MacAllan if you’re asking or buying), I’ve been hitting the gym in hopes of becoming more flexible and maybe just a bit stronger.  Unfortunately, in doing so I’ve developed a form a tendinitis in my left ankle and foot area which has become progressively more and more painful.  Being right-handed because…hell I don’t know why- my father was a lefty and played minor league baseball so of course I’m a righty- it means that when I swing it puts a lot of pressure on my left foot/ankle.  Huzzah!  This problem started four years ago, and has gotten progressively worse.  I suppose I’m glad that it’s not a fracture or something worse, but now I’m in that “this is probably going to be around for a while” mode which isn’t exactly what I wanted to hear.

Northwest Park #10.  Managed to hit the fairway.

Northwest Park #10. Managed to hit the fairway.

The course was wet and thus, cart path only (I mention this because of the recurring issue I referenced above).  Nonetheless, despite the brutal winter that we had, the fairways were green and in good shape and the greens were better than you’d expect for this time of year (they haven’t been punched yet near as I could tell).  My only note of concern was that, despite the area getting only moderate rain this past week, several parts of the course were fairly wet.

Northwest Park #18.  I'm over by that big tree on the right.  Again.

Northwest Park #18. I’m over by that big tree on the right. Again.

It’s still Northwest Park and it’s still one of the best tracks in the area among your public courses.  It can bog down during the middle of the day (our morning twosome was given the “play through” of the foursome in front of us and despite neither of us playing particularly well we finished in just over 3 hours.  Not the norm by any means, but a fast-moving twosome should be able to do this (if I’m being honest the guy I played with played from the blues as did I, which probably wasn’t the smartest decision I made that day).

Hope you were able to get out and play this weekend, and congratulations to Jordan Spieth who won The Masters in pretty dominant style.  Congrats to fellow 40-something Phil Mickelson on a T-2.  If you’re scoring at home, that’s two straight 2nd place finishes for Phil.