If you’re like me, you’ve probably chuckled when you hear about pro athletes injuring themselves doing garden variety things.  From walking to making coffee to eating pancakes, we’ve seen it all and heard it all.  We laugh, and think “surely that would never happen to us” because we’re not that silly.

And then it happens to you.

Twice in 7 days I’ve had slip/fall accidents at home.  Once from a rug that gave out from underneath my foot, and the other time from hitting hardwood floors with wet shoe soles.  Both left me fairly bruised and in a bit of discomfort, because landing on hardwood floors with no padding doesn’t tickle, especially on already damaged limbs.  So now I’m walking around stately SGIC manor like an old man, hoping that I don’t have to reset the “this home has gone X days without a slip/fall accident” counter to 0.


In speaking with one of my trusted sources, I learned that while Fairway Hills is open, it only has 9 holes open because of an issue with bridge re-construction on the 12th hole (short par 3 over water) that was never approved by the county.  Hobbits Glen is open but their much-ballyhooed Coho Grill is doing terrible (apparently people don’t really like the idea of overpriced bar food with terrible service).  Fairway Hills is hoping to have all 18 holes open by next week (when we’re supposed to be chilly again).   Also, I learned that Turf Valley has had issues of late with people getting sick at their banquet facility which caused them to cancel an event this past Saturday.   If you do play at Fairway Hills or Hobbits Glen and wonder why the fairways are brown, it’s because the Bermuda grass goes dormant (brown) in cold weather (the good news is that it’s much more heat-tolerant than other turf-grasses).  Timbers at Troy is open but no word yet on the condition of the course.  I learned that they get a fixed amount of money from the county for maintenance, and when it’s gone, it’s gone (bunkers especially are known to get in terrible shape). A simple solution would be to eliminate some of them and simply grass them over but of course not.   Compass Pointe is worth a follow on Facebook (I’m not on Facebook) if that’s your thing (I’m more of a Twitter/Instagram person).  Course is open but haven’t heard anything about playing conditions.  Tickets are on sale for the 2016 Quicken Loans National which returns to Congressional CC from June 20-26 (this year it’s held the week after the US Open; Oakmont CC is only 4 hours by car from DC so it’s not an arduous hike for players who want to play in it).  With the last 3 majors being held in June-July, my fear is that you’re going to see a less-than-stellar field (I know that it’s Tiger’s tournament, but who knows if he’ll play and with 3 majors over 7 weeks you have to think that you’ll see the elite players skip it).

20 days until The Masters.