In January of 2015, I wrote about an idea of having a PGA/LPGA Tour All Star Game.  I came up with this idea after a few whiskies and watching the drunken mayhem that was the 2015 NHL All Star Game Fantasy Draft.  I often do my best thinking under the influence of whiskey.

Where the good ideas come from. Get in mah bel-lay!

Where the good ideas come from. Get in mah bel-lay!

Below is what I wrote (italics mine) in January of 2015:

So armed with that idea, a piece of paper, a pen, and a barely functioning brain, I came up with a plan- the 1st Annual LPGA-PGA Tour All Star Weekend!

We have a trade to announce...see ya Phil.

We have a trade to announce…see ya Phil.

Each Tour selects their best 12 players.  Players that are nominated but decline are deducted FedEx Cup points/CME Globe points.  Players that show up get the equivalent of a top 10 finish in a marquee event and guaranteed status for two years (same as winning an event).

Take one of the spring events.  For some reason I keep thinking Dallas would be a great “first option”…some time in April (after the Masters in that nine week period between the Masters and the US Open).

Pick two playing captains…don’t overthink it.  Mickelson and Woods?  Sure!  Think high profile.   Have fun with it.

Each team picks 12 players (6 men, 6 women).  You know…like, oh, I don’t know…the Solheim, Ryder, and Presidents Cups?  Have the “draft” on television.  I’m dead certain the Golf Channel would show it.  Allow a trade?  Hell yes!  Encourage drinking?  Oh hell yes!  Have Feherty or someone similar act as emcee.  When they go on stage they get their team bag and shirt (you make up bags for each team…the unused ones get raffled off for The First Tee or Donors Choose (have fans vote among a few selected charities).  The last player picked gets a car.

Format?  Team format, obviously.  Day one (Friday)- everyone plays one round of fourballs (teams are one man/one woman).  Day two (Saturday)?  everyone plays one round of foursomes (alternate shot).  Day three (Sunday)?  Match play.  Have the women play the odd numbered games, the men the even (so women take slots 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, the men 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12).  Tied?  Putting contest on the 18th green as to who can make the longest putt.  I’d chop down the rough.  We’re encouraging birdies and eagles here.

Nobody has to play 36 holes in a day.  The winning team gets FedEx/CME Globe points.  Shit, I’d let ’em ride carts if they want to.  I’d even let it be known quietly that a little on-course wagering won’t offend anyone’s tender mercies.  Everyone at this event is wearing a mic.

But what of tradition, you say?  Please.  You’re telling me that a tournament wouldn’t want this in lieu of a pedestrian 72-hole event?  People would buy tickets and quite happily (in fact, my guess is that a lot of places would be happy to host something like this).

It’s still golf.  Would you like to see, say, Rickie Fowler and Michelle Wie as teammates for a day or some tournament that nobody cares about?

I mention this because on Friday, the PGA and LPGA tours announced they would form a strategic alliance, which is something I’ve been pushing for since they announced golf was returning to the Olympics.

Naturally, the golf press ate this up and began speculating on a possible event.  Gee, fellas, I wrote about this and gave  you a nice blueprint more than 13 months ago.  As for fitting it in the schedule, you could simply schedule in on an off-week for the LPGA and double-up for the PGA Tour (like they do for limited-field WGC events).

And while we’re at it, it’s time for the PGA Tour to jettison their stay in Doral (for a litany of reasons).  I didn’t suggest this previously because at the time I had a potential conflict of interest, but that no longer exists.  I’d move the WGC event up to Streamsong Resort in Polk County (it’s just over an hour from Orlando).  For the Orlando-based players they’d get two weeks being able to stay close to home (I’d make sure that the Streamsong event and the Bay Hill event were played over consecutive weeks).  I doubt Golf Channel would object (they’re based in Orlando).

Shifting gears, Northwest Park has all 27 holes open, Falls Road is open, Hampshire Greens was shooting to be open today, and Waverly Woods was hoping to be open tomorrow.  Timbers at Troy is open today as well but no news on condition of the course.  With things expected to warm up this week, should be a good time to get out there for some early season golf!