Dear President Obama,

It’s now September 2016, which means that by the time the PGA Tour hits Torrey Pines in January (and many of us on the Eastern Seaboard will watch with envy), you’ll no longer be President.   It’s been an interesting 8 years (you’ve had your moments good and bad, like many Presidents), and I’m sure you’ll write a memoir at some point (which I’m sure will be interesting) after you  leave office.  You and your wife have both indicated you’re going to stay in the DC area until your youngest daughter finishes high school, which I can respect since it’s obvious you care about your daughters and their education.

I mention this because as you probably know, when President Clinton left office, he moved to New York while his wife became a Senator representing the state of New York (however he didn’t have a high school aged daughter at the time).   You probably know this, but like you, Bill is a golf nut (and for the record, I think it’s important that Presidents have a hobby; taking a few hours once a week to play golf is good for you, it was good for Bill and I thought that your predecessor was being silly by giving up playing because of Iraq) even if he does take a few too many breakfast balls (mulligans) for my taste.  He became a member at Trump National Golf Club in Westchester because Trump gave him a membership (Bill wanted Winged Foot but they didn’t want him (more specifically they didn’t want his Secret Service detail)) which you can probably guess he’s had to resign given how things are right now.  I mean, talk about awkward!  Who knew how that was going to work out way back in 2001?

I’m not sure if one of the private clubs in the area will offer you a membership or not.  It says here that at least one of them will (my guess is that either Congressional, Columbia CC or even TPC Potomac would welcome a former President but we’ll see- not sure how Congressional would feel about your Secret Service detail although if anyone’s asking they’d be lucky to have you as part of their membership).  I don’t think Burning Tree will extend an offer (and if they did there’s no way Michelle would let you accept it- I’m in the same boat), and let’s be honest- Trump’s course in Virginia is a non-option for a host of reasons.  I’m sure Army-Navy Golf Club in Arlington would reach out as well, but that’s for them to decide.  It’s not like you have to make a decision about this right now.

Those first few months out of office could be tough when you go from being POTUS to being a house-husband.  You’re going to rediscover wearing sweatsuits all day long rather than having to wear a suit and tie (let’s not wear the mom jeans- you’ve got the ability to look more than fashionable).  It’ll be a heck of a transition, and yes- you deserve to put your feet up for a bit (I’m sure 42 and 43 have probably mentioned this to you as they both know what it’s like to serve two terms).  Please don’t take up painting.  Just doesn’t seem your thing (and besides, I’ve got family who does this and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be).  I’m sure that you’ll get offers from companies.  Maybe you’ll start a charitable foundation (my guess).  Or maybe you just want to work on your memoir and play a lot of golf when you’re not being a father and a husband (which we know are the two most important jobs you have).

So here’s where I come in.  We haven’t met (although we do share one rather peculiar oddity), but l’m inviting you to play golf with me sometime once you leave office in 2017.  I’m probably not moving either unless I win the lottery (in which case, you’ll find me in Hawaii- guessing you know the area pretty well).  As much as I’d like to say I’m a member somewhere, I’m not.  However, there are a host of really good daily-fee courses in the DMV that would welcome you and I with open arms (well, you probably more than me if you’ve read some of my course reviews…and if you have any down time, check my course reviews out since I’m guessing you will be looking to expand where you play once you leave office).  I probably can’t pay your green fees but I’m sure you can handle paying your own way (I’ll pay mine- not looking for a freebie).  I understand you don’t mind a friendly wager (which isn’t a bad thing), but let’s keep it friendly…say a $5.00 nassau?  I don’t want you getting in trouble since lord knows people can blow things out of proportion.

If you chew Nicorette gum it doesn’t bother me.  Even if you want a dart…if you do I won’t tell a soul (I used to smoke…I get it).  My angle?  I’ve always wanted to play with a former President and since you play (and you’re hanging around for a while), I thought I’d ask.

I’m a regular golfer who tries to tee it up every weekend that I can.  I change my shoes in the parking lot (guessing that’s what you were doing until November of 2008), I wear shorts most (if not all) of the time, but every time I tee it up I hope I’ll have a great round and play well (which I’m guessing sounds familiar).  I tend to play it down whenever possible and I like to play fast.  I hear you’re the same way which is good.  If you’re nice (which I’m sure you’ll be),  I’ll pay for drinks if the beverage cart comes by (if you do imbibe it’ll stay between us).  If you’re feeling really magnanimous, maybe we can get a photo when we’re done.

Since you’re hanging out in these parts for a while, can I offer a couple suggestions?  I know you’re not a hockey guy (we know your passion is basketball), but if you can go down to Fort Dupont Ice Rink and visit the kids who play there every day.  I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to see you.  For a lot of reasons, people really like you.  The guy who runs the program loves the game and I’m sure you’d give him and those kids a thrill.  It’s in the District of Columbia so it’s not that far away.  Since we do know you’re a golf guy, can you try and make it a point to spend some time with the First Tee programs in the area?  The kids are learning all kinds of valuable life lessons along with learning this wonderful game.  I’m sure they’d be happy to meet you.

Anyway, hope the next few months go well for you.  Just so you know, I liked Governor Romney quite a bit but such is life.  Decent man who loves his family.

Next time you’re on the island of Oahu, play Ko’olau (if you haven’t already).  It’ll test you, but it’s a fantastic place to play.

Stay healthy, and hit ’em straight.

Yours in golf,

Editor and President,