On a day that might be as perfect as you’ll ever hope for to go play (seriously- go play…this will be here when you get back), I’m inside emptying out my bag with all kinds of stuff.

Went to go renew my handicap today at (club name redacted for my own sanity)…a 20-minute slog of patiently and quietly watching someone try to figure out how to collect money so I can post the horror show of scores I have to put in and have some half-wit call me a sandbagger (not really the case- I tend to play really well when I’m playing at a fast pace but when it’s a 5-hour slog my game goes to pot).  I don’t know how the MSGA works with clubs on handicaps, but a way to renew online would be totes awesome.

My first two interviews are almost done.  They’ll be posted in early June.  I hope they’re informative.

If you haven’t heard, the LPGA is returning to Maryland in July (the old LPGA Championship at Bulle Rock is no more, having been moved out) with the LPGA International Crown which is a 2-person international team event at Caves Valley.  I wish the tournament a ton of success and weather similar to today.

The former AT&T National has been re-named the Quicken Loans National.  Next year (2015) it moves to RTJ in Manassas, VA.  So there’s that.  RTJ has been used on three occasions to host the President’s Cup.