Let's go drink some wine

Screw it, lets go drink wine

With the cold snap, recurring ankle pain, a game that went from great to garbage fire, and a lack of free time, I’ve had to throw in the towel on my 2014 golf season.  Barring a lottery win (and a move to a tropical climate) or a warm spell allowing me to get some badly-needed range time in, I won’t pick up a club until after the new year.

I had a good start to the year, playing my usual game…looking back, it was that July 4th weekend round at Redgate where it all came undone.  A soul-crushing 100 where I didn’t hit a single fairway or make a single par…it got into my head and I began to doubt my ability; after that I didn’t have a single round without multiple blow-up holes.

I’ve never been a great putter, but even my putting let me down.  I switched from my Odyssey back to my Scotty Cameron…didn’t really help all that much.  I even contemplated going to my old Billy Baroo…but even he was saying “you’re screwed” so that was off.

I finished the year with a 10.2 index and played 25 rounds (I have yet to post one score).  My goal was 30 rounds which was very doable until September hit; my ankle was bothering me quite a bit, and I began feeling fatigued which I’m still dealing with to some level.  I started the year at an 8.6 but a few early rounds put me in the 9.0 range until mid-July when the slew of bad rounds bumped me up into double digits.

On a positive, one of my former colleagues I play with on occasion keeps improving; if we continue on our trajectories he’s going to be giving me strokes by the end of next year.

Right now my goal is to get back to the gym, build some fitness and strength and hopefully get 2015 off and flying.

I’ll still update the blog (I have several entries I need to publish).

I’ll have an end-of-year look at the Pro Tours up by the end of the month, including my own special awards…the SGICies.