Open ended question for DC area golfers- at what point do you put the clubs away for the season? First freeze? First day below 50 degrees? First measurable snowfall? When frostbite causes you to lose a digit?

I ask because with the hard freeze of the last two days followed by what should be torrential rain/messy mix the next couple days, not sure how many courses will be open on Thanksgiving Day (expected to be around 40 at best but clear…this following a boatload of rain).

I’ve always gone back and forth on this. I used to live in California where you can play year round (unless it’s an El Nino winter and then it’s raining every day and the courses all close) and enjoyed those winter-season rounds when everyone else was in the throes of real winter. On the other hand by summer I would feel golfed out almost…ready for something new. But having re-introduced myself to an actual winter, I find myself chomping at the bit by mid-March (the PGA Tour West Coast swing always making me nostalgic for living on the West Coast and the early Florida swing a big hint of what’s to come). Funny- I played in shorts in early April in 38 degree weather but somehow doing so in November seems not nearly as fun.