Played Redgate yesterday (7/5) and threw up one of the worst rounds I’ve played in recent memory.  Only some luck (and it was luck) with the putter kept it from being worse because from tee to green I was abysmal (that’s being far too polite- it was worse than that).

The fairways were a mixed bag (the ones that were cut looked good), the tee boxes were equally inconsistent (some looked really good, some were chewed up, and holes 12 and 16 were their usual hard-pan dirt).  Greens weren’t much better (some were cut, others weren’t, #11 is marginally better than it normally is), and more frustratingly pockmarked with divots (and I’m talking each green had multiple divots on them).  Look- I get it…it’s a public course so you’re not going to get country club level quality.  This has nothing to do with this- it has everything to do with people fixing their divots.

Billy Casper Golf is now managing the course (the city of Rockville still owns it- this explains the deal (as I’ve said repeatedly I don’t live in Rockville or Montgomery County so I don’t care one way or another as it’s not my dime).

The other issue that came up yesterday…smoking.  I used to smoke, and in the last month I’ve played with non-smokers, a guy using an e-cigarette, and the guy I got paired up with who smoked several mini-cigars.  Golf Digest recently addressed smoking pot recently.  I’m ambivalent about it, but common courtesy says to just ask “mind if I light up?”  So I’m asking…what’s your feeling about it?  I played at Torrey Pines a couple years ago with guys who were smoking pot on the back 9 (they were kind enough to offer me a hit- to paraphrase another golfer “I didn’t inhale”)…great guys who played fast (so the idea that it kills pace of play didn’t hold true).

Do you care if someone fires up a cigarette, mini-cigar, joint, or phallus-sized cigar?

No photos…this is a SFW site and frankly, I’d like to keep it that way.