This blog is about the fun, excitement of being a solo golfer who’s forced to get thrown in with another twosome/threesome or play as a single.  If you’re looking for dating advice, can’t really help you.  Love golf?  Stay a while.  I live and work in the DC/Baltimore area and typically play in this area other than when on vacation.  I’ve been playing long enough to know that any designs on becoming a touring pro are absolute folly, but I can string a decent round together and hold a handicap that I’m neither proud nor ashamed of.

I’d like to think that, if I get paired up with your group (ergo the single golfer thing) that you won’t think I’m a tool, douchebag, or a prick.  I know a boatload of bad golf jokes (let’s be honest- they’re all pretty bad), am what you might call an easygoing sort.  I’m also something of a fast player who never wants to be “that guy” holding things up. 

I will do course reviews and add my two cents on the golf scene in the area, hopefully having a laugh in the process while hopefully being remotely helpful.  But mostly with jokes.  I’ll talk about equipment, because if you can’t trust anonymous bloggers and guys with username “LOLTROLL69” then really, who can you trust? 

I’ll occasionally break out the swears…so you have been warned. 

I’m aware blogging isn’t a new thing…but then again I’m also in a war to be the last person in the planet on Facebook (so trying to find me on Facebook is like trying to find that new ProV1 you smacked into a hazard- even if you have a ball retriever or radar it’s not happening). 

Let’s see…what else?  I’m a diehard fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs (and yes, I’ve hard all the jokes) because some times, you need more agony and angst in your life when golf doesn’t quite do enough to make you insane.

Why am I a single?  For one I don’t really like people.  Two, my regular golf friends had to go and move (and if you met me you would as well).  Three…well, my workplace isn’t exactly overrun with golfers.  So there’s that.