You have a thankless job- maintain courses in pristine playing condition while battling the cold of winter, hot humid summers, and whatever holy-shit-its-raining-frogs “other” stuff happens in the area.  People wrongly expect PGA Tour level conditions on public muni tracks (at muni prices I’m sure).  Sure as it’ll be hot in August the rube who complains about the fairways not being like carpet will be the same idiot who takes a hairpiece-sized divot and, with great aplomb, will stare at it while hopping back in his cart to ride the 30 feet to play his next shot (won’t replace it and won’t use the seed mixture you provide).  And in the rare chance that his 5th shot from the fairway will land on the green, he’ll sooner channel his inner Up With People dance before he uses a divot tool to fix his ballmark (rather than leave a moon-crater-sized divot for the next group to find).  This should be a felony, methinks.  If not, they should have to stand outside the clubhouse with a sandwich board that says “I don’t repair ballmarks and divots” at the very least.

You try to be environmentally sensitive and must get unfathomable complaints from the tree-hugger types who probably want to ban the sport entirely or require golfers to use organic balls made from hemp, tree bark, bat guano, and whatever else is deemed suitable lest they form a drum circle or something.  If I were having to deal with them my response would likely be to chase them around with a sand wedge.

With that being said…a small sign at the pro shop along the lines of “we punched our greens last week/yesterday” and perhaps a blurb on your website would be nice.  You do it twice a year (insert random mildly obscene joke here)…once in spring, and again at the end of summer.  Just let us know.  That’s all.