Last Saturday’s round at Northwest was a complete gong show…I got sideways and simply couldn’t put two decent shots together.

While it matters not…if courses want to improve pace of play (and I’m talking public tracks), let’s try to cut that rough down.  Northwest had US Open rough (thick, deep, and nearly impossible to get the ball out of…not to mention finding  your damn ball was like trying to find a needle in a haystack).  Yes- we’ve had fantastic conditions but that doesn’t mean you need to “test” your weekend regulars by making them hit out of cabbage.

While I’ll probably get out a few more times this year, work picks up dramatically in the fall, and too often I leave the office exhausted on Friday night, and the idea of waking up at sunup doesn’t have that appeal.  Plus there’s other obligations (SWIRIC among them), and the reality that anything after about mid/late October is into what I call the bonus fries (if you’ve ever gotten a fast food meal…you know how sometimes you get extra fries…those are called bonus fries) portion of the season.

Plus, come October the NHL season kicks into gear.  I’m a Leafs fan and will be one until I’m dead so I may throw out the occasional Leafs-centric post.  SWIRIC is a Capitals fan so we have the 3-4 nights a year of being a house divided.  If you’re a Capitals fan I highly recommend the SB nation site Japers Rink.  If you’re a Leafs fan, their SB Nation site Pension Plan Puppets is an absolute must read.  Since the Leafs are why Paxil exists there’s only so much emotional wreckage I can spill.

I’d like to say I’m interested in this week’s Tour Championship, but after seeing Mickelson and Bradley pull the chute (I wasn’t a fan of either move…less Bradley as his involved a rules issue…but Mickelson has zero excuse for WD’ing and if Finchem isn’t going to do something, then you’re simply letting the inmates run the asylum) it took the shine off.

Glad to see Tom Watson take my advice about the Ryder Cup picks.  I’ll point out that stroke play and match play are two entirely different games.

Hope you’re hitting ’em straight.