For years I’ve used a stand bag (and still do when I travel to cut down on weight so my bag doesn’t hit any airline weight limits), but given that I ride 99.9% of the time when I play, I made the decision to go to a cart bag.

The cart bag, while heavier, has more room for balls, accessories, and the like.  So after reading numerous reviews and the like, I settled on the Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag.

I own this bag

I own this bag

It weighs 6.0 pounds, and has 14 dividers, and a nice easy-to-use slot for your umbrella.   The pouch in front is big enough for sunscreen, bug spray, and my rangefinder and the pouch on top of it (just below the handle) is perfect for gloves and my Crown Royal pouch bag of tees and ballmarkers.

The side compartments easily hold enough balls, and there’s a really nice pouch on top that’s perfect for your car keys and mobile phone.

Honestly, it’s a fantastic bag.  There’s only one thing wrong with it.


THE CARRY STRAP IS ON THE WRONG SIDE (it’s on the back side).  I know, this seems great:


Carry strap missing

Carry strap missing

Except that it isn’t.  The strap belongs on the front.  But wait…it’s easier to load on a cart, they say!  Maybe, but it’s a colossal pain in the ass to lug it from my car, because carrying it is awkward.

You’ll notice I have my putter (the big orange cover) easily accessible; the putter well is big and quite deep.  Since you’re using it every hole it makes total sense.

Overall, I like this bag a lot.  It stands up on its own so when I’m at the range it just stands there, mocking me.   If it had an option to move the carry strap to the front this bag might well be perfect.  It’s not particularly wide so if there’s two bags in the cart there’s plenty of room.

The only other issue (for some) is that there’s not a lot of brackets to hang towels and the like.  I have a Club Glove towel that slides over my alignment sticks, and it works genius (if I need a second towel I just loop it around the sticks and I’m good to go).

Hit ’em straight.