I know that the blog hasn’t been updated for the better part of two months.  While I’d like to say I’ve missed out on a nice early start to the season with all of the courses locally enjoying a bumper start to the season, we all know that this isn’t the case.  So let’s review the last two months:

Anyone got a sled?

Not even cart path only today.

-The end of January and all of February were butt-ass cold.  I’ve looked longingly at my bag, whispering sweet nothings at it and hoping that sooner than later I’d be taking it from its spot in the family room to my car where it will hopefully get heavy usage.  Plus, it snowed.  A lot.  At least my hounds got to enjoy a few runs in the snow, and the snow blower I bought for Black Friday (online) got broken in (the electric snow blower is the way to go- no dealing with gas and oil…just plug and go).

Don't break the bottle

Best putting aid ever.

-I switched jobs, which was a six week odyssey of interviews with my new employer before finally handing in my notice to my now former employer.  Not that the weather was going to allow so much as a trip to the range but any thoughts of this vanished pretty quickly.  I took a week off in some fantasy of at least being able to hit the range.  We had two ice storms and a snow storm that gave us 10″ of snow here in the Ho Co.  Clearly someone was mad at me.

-Making things even better my laptop’s hard drive crashed.  My relationship with inanimate objects is, at best, not very good and at worst we’re not on good terms.  Luckily SWIRIC (she who is really in charge) knows people who are far, far better equipped at these kinds of things than I am.  I finally got my laptop back, and after a couple challenges, it’s up and running.

-My new job required me to be in Texas to start my job.  Any dreams or fantasies of sneaking out for a quick nine evaporated as I landed.  I didn’t so much as leave the hotel to breathe fresh air.  My room did, however, have a lovely view of the Jerry Dome in Arlington, TX and the surrounding landscape (fast food restaurants, an amusement park,  and an interstate highway).  So there was that.  Luckily, the week I was in Texas happened to correspond with a crap-ton of snow melting here, so when I returned the snow had mostly vanished.  Happy to be of assistance.

-On the PGA Tour, I watched Tiger WD at Torrey Pines and he hasn’t been seen or heard from since.  I’m not a Doctor so I don’t know what his health is like (or his mental state), and the talking heads who continually speculate…just stop.  He’ll start playing when he decides to, and his results will speak for themselves.

-The LPGA Tour has finished its Australasian leg of its tour and is back on US soil.  I’ll say it again- if you get a chance tune in or go to an event.

-In News You Can Use, Sligo Creek, Laytonsville, Northwest Park, Hampshire Greens and Little Bennett are open.  So think Spring!

-If you need a boost to get into spring, just click below and let Jim Nantz “Hello, Friends” you into your happy place.